Fuel Up

Our Fuel Up service is ideal for those who want to place a one off order and don’t want to commit to a meal plan. Whether you would like just a few meals or a larger order for your family or workplace, Fuel Up is the perfect way to try us out and take the first step towards healthy balanced meals!

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Weekly Plans

Our weekly meal plans are ideal for those who are looking to shift body fat or those who simply want to eat a healthy balanced diet without the hassle of the shopping and meal prep. Simply answer a few questions and we will create a customised meal plan which you can review and check before signing up.

Our weekly plans are also an integral part of our popular Body Transformation Programme which also incorporates our meals with a fitness programme to optimise fat loss results.

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Benefits of Fuel

A Sensible Approach

Quite simply put, we don’t believe in fads. Our meals are freshly prepared, calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced.

Locally & Ethically Produced

Our meals are all prepared at our Kings Langley based kitchen. We use locally sourced fresh produce wherever possible and are committed to using fully recyclable packaging

Customer Service

As a small company, we appreciate the importance of every single customer and strive for excellence at every point